Sixmilebridge Marathon Culture

In November 2010 Sixmilebridge held its first marathon on a 1 mile loop course; despite the type of course it has not put off runners returning in fact over 9 subsequent marathons have taken place in the meantime. This year the club will be hosting 10 marathons in 10 days which is our 2013 club fundraiser which will see participants travel from all over Ireland and abroad to take part.

At the same time as marathons have become the norm in Sixmilebridge, BMOH have also gained a reputation for providing pacers for the larger marathons in Ireland. In 2013 BMOH will provide runners to be part of pacing teams at Limerick, Cork , Dingle , Clonakility, Killarney,Tralee, Derry, Dublin and for the first time abroad in Manchester.

BMOH are committed to keeping the tradition going and getting stronger over the coming years. The most important component in reaching that goal is welcoming and developing new members to our Club. If your goal is to run your first marathon , improve your times or gain elite status and get on the national marathon mission training squad BMOH want you as a member of our club. To find out more about the benefits of joining BMOH to support your marathon journey please contact Tom at

Eddie Murphy Memorial

BMOH are proud hosts of the one of the most unique marathons in Europe on Sunday 18th November 2018. The event will also include races at ,Half marathon , 30 miles & Double marathon distances,  all on the one mile loop with the infamous heart break hill to be tackled on each lap. This year …

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